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There are checkboxes, and you can pick only the files you want to download. For example, if you are downloading a movie using BitTorrent, you can choose just the main file and not the subtitles or anything else it is bundled with.
The Infinite Lives Of BitTorrent.
Many of BitTorrents past initiatives were born at these things: a Dropbox-like product called Sync that now has more than 2 million users and a premium version; a new product for the entertainment industry called Bundles, which has attracted users such as Madonna and Moby; and a BitTorrent chat product that its testing on its BitTorrent Labs site.
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However, there are certain precautions that users of BitTorrent can take if they wish to mask their actions and provide them with extra protection against the effects of malware and other types of unwanted content. Is BitTorrent Easy to Install?

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